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 / Interbau Ltd Co. (Certified Broker) specialises  in developing and managing real property complexies and operating as a real estate agent. We specialise in multi-functional premises, especially in Drive-in-production and -storage units.  The company was founded in 1984 as a real estate agency.

We offer real estate solutions especially for companies, who need more than just office space. Our solutions are adjustable for different needs in technical  and area demands as well as different business branches and company sizes.

From us you can buy or rent premises that match your needs and requirements. Leased premises, which offer stable and competitive rental income are also a good investment. We have developed a solution especially for small and middle size companies, a solution that enables inexpensive and flexible owning of premises. This gives a chance for profitable investment as well as offers you the perfect premises for your own business.

For real estate investors and property developers PEAK GROUP offers real estate information services and property management services.


Our most recent  project is Palokärki-area in Espoo. This has, since 1990’s, been a working-place-area that has now been developed into a residential area with almost 30.000 m2 and also some 3000 m2 of business premises. Peak Group has had a significant role in this development process with Espoo city.  The city council will most likely ratify the plans in the summer of 2016.

Peak Group Real Estate projects since 2001:

-Real Estate Company Upokaskuja 9, Tuusula. About 1.100 m2

-Keravan Klondyke, Kerava. About 30.000 m2

-Real Estate Company Vantaan Ylästötie 121 A, Vantaa. About 3.500 m2

-Real Estate Company Keravan Jäspilänantti, Kerava. About 1.500 m2

-Real Estate Company Savion Heisitie 4, Kerava. About 600 m2

-Real Estate Company Kilonportti, Espoo. About 4.500 m2

-Real Estate Company Lohjan Lohirannantie, Lohja. About 30.000 m2

-Real Estate Company Kelatien Koivukuja, Tuusula. About 600 m2

-Laajalahti Business Center, Espoo. About 21.000 m2

-3A – Real Estates, Vantaa. About 700 m2

-Real Estate Company Jusslansuu 7, Tuusula. About 1.800 m2

-Real Estate Company Espoon Karhu, Espoo. About 600 m2

-Real Estate Company Kelatien Kauppapaikka, Tuusula. About 600 m2

-Real Estate Company Petikon Yritystalo, Vantaa. About 1.500 m2

-Real Estate Company Jusslan Huurrekuja 7, Tuusula. About 1.800 m2

-Tuusulan Kelatie 9 B Halls, Tuusula. About 600 m2

-Real Estate Company Kelatie 16, Tuusula. About 1.000 m2

-Real Estate Company Kelatie 25, Tuusula. About 1700 m2

-Real Estate Company Jusslansuora 20, Tuusula. About 770 m2

-Real Estate Company Keravan Kytkinkatu 4, Kerava. About 560 m2

-Real Estate Company Muuralanportti, Espoo. About 2.230 m2

-Real Estate Company Koivulehdontie 2, Vantaa. About 460 m2

-Real Estate Company Vantaan Kelatie 30, Tuusula. About 810 m2

Real Estate Company Keravan Seljankuja 3, Kerava. About 1.000 m2

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Raimo Jokinen, CEO
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